Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FACS - 1st Week of school

We have made it through a week of school!

In the first week of school we have already done a few activities, taken a quiz, and done 1/2 of a kitchen lab. The students were very happy to start cooking, and we only had one blender explosion:)

A1 - Clean

A1 - Chill

First day of school activity
Where did you go this summer?
We covered every side of the globe

A1 - measuring supplies for smoothies

A1 - moments before a green explosion!

A2 - small testers of each smoothie


A2 - the "waiter" serving a sample to everyone

A4 - Doing dishes


she was sweeping, but I missed it

Soon these labs will run smoother and result in more food = happy students!